• Nigrofilippo


  • Tim


  • Thilo Hüllmann

    Thilo Hüllmann

    Python • Data Science • AI/ML • B2B SaaS https://www.linkedin.com/in/thilo-a-huellmann/

  • Saoud Ali

    Saoud Ali

    Software Engineer

  • Southeast Financial

    Southeast Financial

    We are a lender for RVs, motor home , horse trailer, boats & motorcycles. Share your photos using #funfinance to give us permission to repost!

  • Sheeraz Akram

    Sheeraz Akram

    Bio-medical Engineering, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning Data Science, Digital Image Processing

  • Robert Ogilvie, ACC & EQAC

    Robert Ogilvie, ACC & EQAC

    EQ Coach & Tech Exec. I build leaders, innovation teams, R&D projects. www.linkedin.com/in/robert-o/

  • Giselle Timbie

    Giselle Timbie

    Giselle is a Christian minister, speaker, and the author of "Take Heart: Moving from Victim to Victor"

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